Business Support


3C’s Business Support

In order to ensure that your focus on your business’ growth remains on-point, 3C’s support to your venture extends to providing corporate secretarial services. We can assist you to:
  • Act as the Authorised Signatory in MOICT, SIO and BCCI
  • Act as the Responsible Person in LMRA
  • File for the increase of the workload of the company in LMRA
  • Ensure filing and payment of SIO and LMRA monthly invoices
  • Update the annual salaries list in the SIO
  • File and payment in Electricity and Water Authority
  • Renew registration in MOICT, BCCI and work visas in LMRA
Plus, we provide:
  • Advice for Accounting and Audit procedures; and
  • Advice on the requisite rules and regulations in order to comply with the law
And, we help:
  • File and maintain all necessary statutory records; and
  • Allow our Post Office Box (PO Box) address to be used as your corporate mailbox
  • Attest, Legalise and Notarise all relevant Documents in the concerned Embassy as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Register the Trademark of the company